Our clients can avail from us complete Aluminium Melting Plants that has been manufactured using high-grade material.

Aluminum furnace is designed to serve various industrial purposes. It consist of various elements like Fe, Al, Cr, which are supported by numerous other equipments for better heat distribution of heat and longer lifetime of the element. These aluminum melting furnace are capable of any type of alloys. These furnaces are well insulated that allows a better heat and energy distribution, which improves the crucible life expectancy. The aluminum furnace are available in various size and capacities.


Common features of the Aluminum Furnace are:
For melting aluminum there are different Fe, Al, Cr heating elements.
The furnace are well insulated.
The heating is uniform.
Some Aluminum Furnace are consist of digital indicating controller.
The aluminum melting furnace are easy to install, operate, and manipulate.
Crucible can be easy replaced.
Normally the electrical aluminum furnace also consist of Swing top cover with lateral displacement.
Electrical Aluminum Furnace
An electrical aluminum melting furnace consist of a vessel for supporting molten aluminum and a roof and upper wall structure cooperating with side walls of the vessel to define a heating chamber above the molten aluminum. Large number of unshielded resistance heating elements are supported by the roof and upper wall structure above the molten aluminum.

Gas fired furnace
Gas fired aluminum furnace produces a flat flame pattern that promotes even heating by radiation from the roof and eliminates flame impingement on the bath, minimizing metal losses. The firing is proportional and heating is controlled which is distributed homogeneously. For proportional firing for better temperature control and maximum energy savings A variable speed blower is used. The unique burner and blower combination eliminate metal temperature “creep-up” at low fire and still provide maximum metal temperature recovery at high fire. The furnace is easy to stall because the majority of the combustion train and the junction box are mounted on the top of the roof which free up valuable floor space. A pneumatic roof opening mechanism is included providing easy access to the heating chamber for fluxing and cleaning.

Gas/oil fired and electric die casting furnaces

Die casting furnaces which runs by Gas i.e. natural gas and also oil fired furnaces . We made these furnaces in such a way that their consumption is very low. Our product quality is very good in the market. Till date what ever furnace we supply has given to our customers very good results.
Our Aluminium melting furnace are designed in such a way that the crucible life increase.

Melting furnace ( non ferrous furnaces):- We are a leading manufacturer of these type of furnace that is melting furnace for melting of Aluminium, cooper, zinc, tin, lead, and also all kinds of non ferrous material. According to our customers requirement we offer stationery (holding), and tilting type crucible furnace.

These furnaces are available with us for Gas (CNG, industrial gas) that is gas fired furnace, and also diesel that is oil firing furnace.

Since in Faridabad, Delhi and NCR and other states the requirement of gas furnaces is more than oil furnaces because of coming of gas pipe line to all industrial area. So all the die casting units situated in Faridabad, Delhi and NCR are converting their oil furnaces into the gas furnaces.

So in this time of requirement of gas furnaces to die casting units we are giving gas furnaces with automatic burners on their demand with competitive prices.

At that time we have given more than 500 furnaces gas/oil furnaces in Faridabad and other states to many die casting units.

1. Jainendra industries pvt. Ltd, plot no 116,117, sector 25, Faridabad.

2. Jay shree auto component pvt. Ltd, plot no 114, sector 25, Faridabad.

3. Maher die casting, plot no 217, sector 24, Faridabad

4. ASM casting situated in Krishna Nagar, plot no 195, sec 25 Faridabad.

5. Niranchal die casting in 16/2 karkhana bagh Faridabad.

6. Hytech automotive die casting in manaser Gurgaon.

These all units mentioned above are all satisfied with our gas furnaces with consumption of gas between 5 to 5.5 kilo per hour or oil rate is 5 to 5.5 per hour.

We design these furnaces in such a way that their gas consumption period is reduced to low and die casting units those using our furnaces have experienced such that they have never before.

Our main focus only to reduce the gas or oil if it is oil based furnaces and satisfies to all our customers. We provide a high quality product with cheapest price to our customers with a guaranteed period of lining.




Super furnace on National small industries corporation (NSIC)

Faridabad furnace manufacturer


Mr. Pankaj chauhan

Email :-

Plot no- 44, 16/2 karkhana bagh, Mathura road
Faridabad (Haryana)

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