Lead Smelting Rotary Furnace Plant with Pollution Control System

Rotary Furnaces are used in secondary smelting units for re -processing Lead from scrap. Rotary furnaces have an inner brick lining over which scrap is transformed from solid to molten state due to heat given by oil firing. Oil firing is done with the help of a high -pressure air blower.

For Lead smelting & refining: Refined material is discharged into moulds. Rotary furnace is installed on rotary base. It rotates on heavy wheels mounted on base & for pouring finished material; it is lifted by hydraulic cylinders through a power pack.

Our lead smelting rotary furnace is suitable for the recovery of lead out of lead-acid battery scrap, lead concentrate and lead ore. We manufacture & install the oil fired rotary furnace in different capacities with maximum production efficiency and least production cost such as fuel, labor and power consumption. The production capacity of our lead smelting plants can in different parameters may be 3 M Ton to 15 M Ton per day i.e. 24 hours. We provide very effective and efficient pollution control system with the smelting plants, through which a lot of smoke dust of lead is collected. The collected smoke dust from our pollution control system is not only useful to prevent the pollution spreading into in environment but also increase the profit for the extra increase of recovery of lead out of the lead smoke dust collected by the system provided. An estimated value of extra increase of profit is 3% to 4%, which is only capitalized from the further recovery of lead from the smoke dust collected.

Electric Lead Melting FurnaceWe are the prominent manufacturer and supplier of Lead melting furnace which is highly demanded in many production industries. We offer these lead melting furnace in various capacities which is operated by using electricity. This Melting furnace is integrated with all kind of control equipments in order to control the flow of operation. The lead melting furnace that we offer are Lead melting furnace and electrical lead melting furnace. These furnace operated in maximum 800C temperature and it depends upon the type of lead. Our Lead melting furnace is renowned for high performance, heat resistance and low maintenance.

Battery Recycling Technology

We are committed to the employment of environment friendly technologies in our solutions for the used Lead-Acid Battery Recycling and Battery Manufacturing Industries, covering Secondary Lead Smelting, Lead Refining, Lead Alloying & Lead Oxides Manufacturing and Lead Pollution Control.

Our Battery Recycling Plant employ pyrometallurgical processes. Typically, in pyrometallurgical Secondary Lead Smelting, Lead Bearing Battery Materials are charged into a furnace together with appropriate fluxes & reductants, drosses, returning slags and process dusts for smelting. Reduction of Lead bearing material to crude Soft/Antimonial Lead takes place along with the formation of Lead bearing slag. The slag may be collected and smelted in a separate slag campaign in the same or another furnace. Mostly Blast Tilting Rotary Furnaces are used, either singly or in different combinations, for single/multi stage smelting. The process employed, furnace combination, fluxes, reductants etc. are finalized taking into account the required plant capacity, required product mix, pollution control plant and environmental concerns, the desired level of flexibility in plant operation and the composition of available battery scrap.

Pyrometallurgical processes have been the most widely used for Lead recycling. In a comparison with some other technologically more complex processes, the pyrometallurgical process scores high on parameters like low capital & lifecycle costs and requirement of highly skilled manpower, economic viability of a range of capacities and relatively low core electrical power requirements, among many others. The use of modern pollution control technologies and design ensures environmental compliance. Smaller scale Battery Recycling Plant are a more economically and environmentally viable alternative to large-scale units for many reasons, particularly for developing and small market areas/countries.

Our well-designed tilting Rotary Furnaces, integrated with modern accessories and pollution control equipment form the core of our Battery Recycling Plant, which have proven to be technically and economically viable for a range of capacities, while showing good compliance with environmental standards.


Rotary Furnaces

Rotary Furnaces have a variety of fitment options, optional tilting mechanisms, a simple, reliable and robust design and display good operating/efficiency characteristics.

Reverberatory Furnaces

Reverberatory Furnaces are those furnaces which is designed and operated in the production of a nearly pure and soft Lead. During charging and tapping Reverberatory Furnace emit high level of Lead Fume.

In Reverberatory Furnace Tapping process the molten Lead and slag is poured from the furnace into Ladles or Molds. Like Blast Furnace, to keep the metal molten, some smelters tap metal directly into a holding kettle. Then comes the task of solidification of molten lead. The smelter casts the molten lead into blocks so that it can be used for the further treatments or operations in various purposes.



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