Muffle furnaces

We also design muffle furnaces to our customers as per their requirement. We have given a number of muffle furnaces to our customers as per their needs. These furnaces are made by us with high quality material and its life is also is very long.

Muffle Furnace is an electric or gas furnace which are engineered with a chamber which is heated externally. The chamber walls radiantly heat its contents. These furnaces are used for annealing, enameling, or hardening metals.Heating elements are made of super Heat Resistant elements. These elements are wound externally on the ceramic muffle of required chamber size and embedded in best quality high temperature setting cement.


• A heating range from upto 1200°C
• Chamber offers 120 or 350 cubic inches of heating space
• Ceramic shelf doubles work area; ideal for heating small parts
• .400″ port allows injection of special atmospheres or monitoring of chamber temperature with independent measuring device
• Material of construction: M.S
• Temperature range: Ambient to 1150ºC
• Power: 230 Volts, 50Hz, single phase



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