Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnaces

Our firm is engaged in the manufacturing of LPG Cylinder furnaces, oxygen cylinder furnace and any other type of furnaces for the treatment of cylinder.

Our firm has a full range of Cylinders Heat Treatment Furnaces up to a capacity of 60 cylinders per hour to offer to Cylinders Manufacturing industries. Heat Treatment line comprises Hardening and Tempering Furnaces with Quenching Facilities. The hardening furnaces can be walking beam type with quenching system for polymer or oil as per process requirement and tempering furnaces can be walking beam or conveyor type.

Cylinders can be manually placed on a charging conveyor in front of walking beam hardening furnace. Walking beams of hardening furnace will pick-up the cylinders from the conveyor and will move inside the hardening furnace at required spacing from charging to discharging end. The heated cylinders will be discharged out of the hardening furnace one by one and will be placed over the cradle of the hydraulically operated vertical or rotary type quenching system which will immerse the cylinders into the quenching oil. After the quenching cycle is over, the cradle will lift-up from the quenching tank and the cylinders will be moved forward to charge side of the tempering furnace by means of electro-mechanical discharge conveyor.

Cylinders one by one will again will be charged on the hearth of walking beam/conveyor type tempering furnace at required spacing and will be moved from charging end to the discharging end by means of hydraulically operated walking beams or electro-mechanically operated conveyor system. After the tempering process, cylinders one by one will be discharged at the opposite end of the tempering furnace and will move to unloading area where the cylinders can be unloaded by means of hoist or manually.

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