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Salt bath furnaces for heat treatment of steel or light metals: – Salt bath furnaces offers remarkably high temperature uniformity and excellent heat transfer to the work piece.
Our salt bath furnaces are especially useful for heat treating of metals in neutral or active salt bath.
Process such as carbonitriding upto 600c, carburizing up to 950c, or bright annealing up to 1000c can be realized.
The quenching and cooling process is applied in order to achieve an even temperature uniformity through out the work piece.
Mar tempering furnaces using neutral salts: – Mar tempering furnaces are filled with neutral salt and offer remarkably rapid and intensive heat transmission to the work piece while ensuring optimum temp uniformity.
For working temp at between 180c to 500c these furnaces are ideal for quenching or cooling with minimal work piece distortion, retempering, austempering for optimal toughness.
Austempering is a good choice to achieve a high level of toughness and dimensional accuracy in oil hardness low- alloy steel

Salt Bath Furnace is engineered for heat-treatment of any kind of metal in bright hardening & quenching, annealing, carburizing, preheating, etc. The furnace is heated by electricity, oil or gas. Salt bath furnace can be supplied as single “one off” units or a comprehensive processing line which can be fully enclosed with all necessary fume extraction and mechanical handling facilities.

Furnace with submerged electrodes Operating temprature 850&degC to 1260&degC (1550°F to 2300°F) for Austenitizing

Submerged electrodes provides long life & trouble free service with periodic maintenance. Electrodes, embedded in the wall, below the salt line,are sealed against corrosive attack at the air-salt interface. The submerged electrode design also lends itself to economical 3 phase operation in deeper furnaces when 2 or more tiers of electrodes are utilized.

Salt Bath Furnace system is utilized for service in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous thermal processing in either air cooled or water cooled electrode and transformer designs. The electrode placement which is submerged gives more uniform bath temperatures and salt movement by natural convection currents. Cooler salts fall to the electrode area for reheating whereas heated salts rise in the bath.
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